Moving Aids

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Build an "Instant Aid Box"

Pack an Instant Aid Box containing things that might be needed immediately upon arrival at your new home. Package each group of items in a large paper bag or box and clearly label. Take your Instant Aid Box with you. Also pack a separate bag/box of items that you will need to take with you on your trip to your new home.

Items for your Instant Aid Box:
Cleaning Kitchen
    Sponge     Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins
    Paper Towels     Plastic Cutlery
    Dish Towels     Plastic Pitcher
    Dishcloth     Small Saucepan
    Scouring Pads     Serving Spoons
    Detergent     Aluminum Foil
Snacks Children
    Easy-open Cans of Pudding     Coloring Books
    Dry Soup Mix     A Favorite Toy
    Sandwich Spreads     Reading Materials
    Instant Drinks     Puzzles
       Portable Games
Miscellaneous Bath
    Light Bulbs     Towels and Face Cloths
    Hammer     Toilet Tissue
    Screw Driver     Facial Tissue
    Pliers     Soap
    Assorted Nails and Screws     Hand Lotion
    Shelf Paper     Non-aerosol Deoderant
    Trash Bags and Ties     Toothbrushes
    Telephone     Toothpaste
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