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New City Information

Your United agent can provide you with complimentary, private access to CityPointeSM, an online resource full of great information about your new community. You can get information about:
Moving Services from United Van Lines

Home Buying & Selling Information

CityPointeSM also provides access to information that can help you with selling your house in your old location and buying one in your new community. You can get information about:

      Mortgage specials
      Home buying and selling through a network of quality real estate agents

Temporary Housing

As you search for a home in your new destination, CityPointeSM can provide temporary housing with our reduced rates at more than 400,000 apartments in more than 2,000 U.S. cities.

The CityPointeSM Program

You can use the CityPointeSM program to help you qualify for cash reimbursements*.

If you make use of the full array of services through the CityPointeSM program, you may be eligible for cash reimbursements of approximately $5 per $1,000 of your home's value on both the origin and destination side of your move.
  Check the savings chart to see how much money you can save through the CityPointeSM program:  
Cost of Home Your Savings*
  $150,000   $750
  $200,000   $1,000
  $300,000   $1,500
  $400,000   $2,000
*Reimbursements are based on home value. In order to be eligible, customers must close their sale through CityPointe'sSM real estate network and home value must exceed $100,000. Certain moving expenses are tax-deductible less any reimbursements that you receive. Please ask your United agent for details about the program.